Are Pests Occupying Your Office?


Imagine this: you’re hosting an important client in your fancy new office. You’ve delivered this amazing pitch that not only opens their mind, it opens their wallets. Right as you’re getting ready to seal the deal, an eight-legged pest makes its way into your business meeting. Now, all your client can think about is getting as far away from your office as they can.

Avoid this embarrassing situation by getting commercial pest control services. East Texas Termite and Pest Control offers affordable solutions that fit your schedule. If you’re in Tyler, TX call now to schedule your appointment.

Take Advantage Of Our Commercial Discounts

Once bugs have deemed your property suitable for living, they’ll continue to come back even after your initial treatment. This is why consistent commercial pest control is vital. We suggest getting monthly pest control services to keep the critters away for good. All services are priced according to the size of your building.

We offer significantly lower preventive treatment rates in comparison to the competition. To schedule your monthly pest control service, call 903-561-1889.